About EDP

A long-running network of six of the top Economics Departments in Europe allowing for the exchange of their PhD students for a period between three months and one year.  

This is an exchange programme for PhD students who are already enrolled in one of the partner institutions.Its aim is to allow PhD students to benefit from these institutions’ strengths in the various research areas of economics. PhD degrees are awarded by the applicant’s home institution. In addition, the network provides a certificate stating that the degree is awarded under the European Doctoral Program. 

EDP students are required to spend at least three months abroad in an EDP institution different from that in which they are registered. EDP exchanges typically do not come with any fee requirement from the host institution, and students may be able to access the host institutions’ student housing. However, the host institutions do not provide any funding for the visit (these exchanges are typically funded by programs in the student’s home institution or by applications for research funding). 

The spirit of the program is to encourage the European mobility of PhD students and by doing so help them to produce better research. Students will be provided with office space in the host institution, have access to all seminars and workshops, and will have a named local researcher as their contact in the host institution. EDP students are also encouraged to take an active role in local research activities, including seminar presentations and joint research projects. Last, all EDP students will take part in the annual EDP Jamboree, a two-day workshop with other EDP exchange students that takes place annually in one of the EDP Member Institutions, and present at least once. 

Member institutions