European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics


The research training in the EDP comprises a preliminary level course (MA in Economics) and an advanced level course undertaken at the participating institutions.

Program by University:

Preliminary Level Course Work (MA in Economics)

All teaching is in English (for more details, please see the program for each university).

This work may be undertaken at any one of the first five institutions listed above. Its aim is to ensure that each student has covered the common core of essential knowledge in quantitative economics. The course structure and content maydiffer between the five universities.

Stay Abroad/Advanced Level Course Work

Each institution offers either specialised teaching in those areas of research that are of current interest to its faculty or a structured course of studies. All of the advanced level teaching is in English.

A stay abroad at one of the partner universities is required. This stay abroad should extend over a minimum of 3 months. Please note that LSE requires a long stay for logistical and academic reasons.

Joint Activities

Each year one of the partner institutions organize a two-day jamboree, devoted to seminars on special topics and students' presentations. These meetings, drawing on the common faculty resources, also provide students with information about current research activities, help orient their own work, and offer guidance on research subjects and associated supervisors. It is mandatory that all EDP students attend each jamboree and present a paper at least once.


The dissertation may be written at one of the institutions where course work was done. It is normally written in English and submitted to the chosen institution according to local regulations. The main results of the dissertation should be of sufficient quality to be publishable in recognised journals. During the stay abroad, a faculty member of the host institution is designated to be the local adviser of the EDP student and to meet them regularly. Where the regulations of the sending institution allow it, the local adviser is a member of the student's doctoral committee.


Doctoral degrees are awarded by the institution where the dissertation is submitted. In addition, the program committee provides a certificate stating that the degree is awarded under the European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics.