European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics


The European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics (EDP), is a program of doctoral studies in economics organised jointly by the following universities:

This is done within the framework of the existing degree requirements of these institutions. Its aim is to promote the exchange of doctoral students between these institutions in order for their research training to benefit from the institutions' strengths in the various areas of quantitative economics.

Each institution offers Masters and PhD courses, seminars and workshops, and research supervision. Doctoral students participating in the program do the research work for their dissertation in the institutions of the EDP network. They are required to spend at least 3 months abroad in an EDP institution different from the one where their dissertation will be presented.

The program focuses on economic theory, mathematical economics, decision and game theory, econometric theory and methodology, empirical econometrics and applied mathematical economics through the coordinated curriculum based on the activities at Barcelona, Bonn, Florence, London, Louvain, Paris and Tel-Aviv. It creates the opportunity for students to specialize in almost any major area of quantitative economics, and, at the same time, it allows students to integrate different aspects of economics. Moreover, the EDP offers a unique access to the traditions and current research of these seven institutions.