European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain)

Course Offerings

MRes Courses

During the MRes year, students are expected to complete 60 ECTS selected among the PhD level courses:

At the end of the MRes, students are expected to submit a thesis project for approval.

Students fulfilling the requirements above will be declared PhD candidates. During the following three years, until their thesis is finally approved, students have to submit their work in progress yearly to one workshop.

In addition to the regular courses, other courses on special topics will be given by invited professors of international reputation. These courses last several days and are strongly recommended to all the students in the PhD program.

Students satisfying the thesis requirements will be awarded a PhD degree. The dissertation must be a piece of original research, making a significant contribution to applied or theoretical economics. It must be of high quality and up to international standards.

Degree Requirements

1. Language

Since all courses are taught in English, a high level of written and spoken English is required of applicants. Sufficient evidence of this knowledge is to be provided by the student.

Competence in English is demonstrated by obtaining results higher than 550 (Paper Based Test) or 220 (Computer Based Test) on the TOEFL, a Cambridge Proficiency Certificate with grade A-C, a Cambridge First Certificate with grade A or a British Council IELTS with a grade of at least 6.
2. Admission

Admission Requirements to the MRes:

In addition to fulfilling the general requirements for admission set out in current regulations, the following specific requirements must be fulfilled in order to be considered for the MRes:

  • Possession of a degree (bachelor's or equivalent) with at least 180 ECTS credits in economics, finance, management, physics, mathematics, political sciences or engineering.
  • Possession of a postgraduate qualification (master's) with at least 60 ECTS credits in the fields of economics, finance or business is highly recommended.
  • Please, notice that 300 ECTS are required to start the PhD. Thus, a previous MSc is required if you hold a 180 ECTS degree.
  • Knowledgeof English.
Admissions Requirements to the PhD Programme:

Candidates must provide accreditation that they have obtained an undergraduate degree (Bachelor degree or recognised equivalent degree from an accredited institution of Higher Education).
Moreover, they have to prove that they have obtained or are in position to obtain an accredited graduate/master's degree (equivalent to a Spanish Master Universitario/Oficial). This must be a clearly research oriented master in the fields of economics, finance or management.
To enter a doctoral programme at UPF, it is necessary to have completed 300 ECTS credits, and 60 of those have to correspond to an official graduate, research oriented master's programme.
Applications should be accompanied by:

  • Spanish DNI or foreign ID or Passport
  • Evidence of having completed undergraduate / graduate work (transcript with courses taken and grades obtained)
  • Proof of knowledge of the English language (if you are from or have studied in an English speaking country, please attach a document explaining so).
  • Short research proposal (in english)
  • Tw letters of recommendation by your referees (you will be required to enter the institutional email of your refeee. They will receive a link from the system to upload the letter).
  • Motivation Letter (Why a PhD? Why at UPF?)

Finance and Fees

The GPEFM has so far been successful in channelling funds to all students in the PhD and almost all in the MRes. Decisions on financial aid are an integral part of the admission process. It is not possible to grant tuition exemptions after the beginning of the academic year. Funding may include:

  • Full or partial tuition grants
  • A number of teaching assistantships, which are offered to students with knowledge of the languages used in the undergraduate University courses: Catalan, Spanish and English.
  • A number of research assistantships connected with research being done at the Department.

Outside financial assistance is available from both public and private sources. Examples of scholarships obtained by current GPEFM students include,Generalitat de Catalunya, the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Education.

Sudents should be aware that the possession of external financial aid is looked at very favourably by the Admissions Committee. It should also be understood that most forms of financial aid offered by the programme are not compatible with any other scholarships or grants. Moreover, admittted students are encouraged to continue to seek external sources of aid.

Members of the Program Committee

  • Antonio CICCONE, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Xavier FREIXAS, Professor of Economics
  • Fabrizio GERMANO, Assistant Professor and EDP coordinator for Spain
  • Javier GIL BAZO, Assistant Professor
  • Robin HOGARTH, Professor